Trust-Based Philanthropy

Innisfil Community Foundation is forging a new path in funding. We believe our work will be more successful and rewarding if we approach relationships with the non-profits we grant to as an ongoing partnership rather than a one-time transaction.

Our Vision

Improved quality of life for everyone in Innisfil.

Our Mission

To be passionate partners, supporting the local community and sparking ideas into action through financial grants.

Community Garden

A trust-based approach relies on six guiding principles which, when practiced together, can help us achieve more together:

  • Provide multi-year, unrestricted funding
  • Do the homework
  • Be transparent and responsive
  • Solicit and act on feedback
  • Simplify and streamline paperwork
  • Offer support beyond the cheque

We’re practicing a new kind of philanthropy

The kind of philanthropy that builds relationships on trust, that offers multi-year investments when possible, that streamlines processes and allows us to be a true partner.

With community at our core and trust as our default, we’re putting trust-based philanthropy to work by investing in community-driven solutions that will help improve quality of life for everyone in Innisfil.

What does it mean for you?

Community Clean Up

For Non-Profits

We believe in the hard work you are doing to make Innisfil a better place.


For Donors

We believe in putting your generosity to work in a timely manner.